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The most used wood species for our sports parquet floors.


Hevea Rubber wood is a very common wood in Southeast Asia and natural rubber comes from these plantations. This kind of tree is cut every 20/25 years and its therefore easily renewable; this is an essential feature from the environmental point of view.
Solid Hevea has very uniform characteristics and has average hardness similar to Oak. The resin contained in Hevea Rubber wood is actually rubber and this makes this wood very stable and suitable for big surfaces manufacture. Moreover, its a naturally elastic wood and therefore excellent for gyms, sports halls and fitness centres.
The main characteristics of this wood are the following:

Hevea Rubber wood has a good hardness and has technical characteristics similar both to Oak and Beech;
The resin contained in this wood is Rubber, which makes it extremely elastic;
Dimensional stability, essential for big surfaces;
Possibility of installation both with metal clips system and nailed onto the elastic under structure.

BEECH Pre-finished engineered wood

Being a low stability species highly respondent to humidity we recommend beech just in the engineered version; in this case the nominal face is just 4 mm and combined with less valuable wood species in order to get a final package of 14 mm.
Beech, heavy and homogeneous, inelastic but resistant, white colored at first or, after a while, turning to reddish, is excellent for turning and furniture purposes and a great combustible, often used because of easy availability and low costs.


Valuable wood species mainly coming from Western and South-Central Europe. Besides furniture purposes, oak is used also for building purposes, laminated beams, parquet, shipyards, staves for wine (and other alcoholic drinks) aging barrels and even for coffins. Great combustible, also used to make coal.
The color is dark comparing to light colored species normally used for sports floors; its still highly appreciated in Eastern Europe, where its still traditionally used and where you can find big oak plantations.
We recommend oak for our model TIRANO; the top layer consists of UV pre-lacquered, 6 mm nominal face.
Being a low stability species, its subject to dimensional changes in case of humidity, so we normally use just the 6 mm nominal face.


Light colored wood species, historically used for high-level sports parquet floors, widely used in the United States.
Our maple comes from Eastern Europe. We rather use European maple because its harder and lighter comparing to the American one, which is very important since maple normally turns to yellowish in time. Our Hevea Rubber Wood has technical features and color definitely similar to maple.