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Parquet Floor Model Tirano In the drawing:
Sports parquet floor Model TIRANO, wearing layer made of Oak 6 mm thickness.
Thermal conductivity EN 12667 EN 12664 - Test Report 001/DC/TTS/10_3 dated 20/01/2010.
Results performed on sample with mattress: R m2K W-1 = 0,678 J W m-1 K-1 = 0,0716
R = Thermal resistance - J = Transfer factor of the sample

The floor heating system applied to sports parquet floors is very popular in Northern Europe and is becoming more and more a fact in Italy as well. Our Company, always looking for valuable technical solutions, puts all the acquired experience in this solution, already tried in several projects in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.
The principle is based on hot water circulation at low temperature (normally between 30 and 40 C) within a closed circuit, which develops covering a very large radiant surface.

Lower running expenses: its a low temperature system, with pipes or electrical conductors working at about 28-40 C (in common heaters: 70-80 C). In case of water systems, it is possible to connect the system to solar panels, further reducing heating costs (the amount depends on the system and on the kind of rooms). Costs and consumptions can be even further reduced connecting the system to a modern boiler.

Floor thickness: radiant panels require a further thickness of 710 cm on the floor; this might cause problems while renovating. This system should be carried out when building a place. Anyway, there are some dry radiant systems able to reduce installation space and are therefore suitable in case of renovations. Higher realization costs: the quantity of material is bigger and therefore more labor is required. Need of a careful and customized planning: floor temperature just a little far from the ideal level might be unpleasant for who lives in the room. Gym heating systems often require to be integrated with other systems within the stands area hosting the public, because of the different temperature between playing area and stands or changing rooms. Engineers better consider all these conditions and variations.

All above mentioned considerations are based upon our experience as well as interviews with final users of the facilities after the supply (sometimes even after years).

The main European Laws currently in force are:

EN 12667 EN 12664
Testing procedures set out R thermal resistance of the material.
Testing procedures must be carried out by authorized institutes, in charge to issue the necessary certifications, demanded by engineers.

All sports floorings manufactured by Seicom have been tested and certified according the a.m. laws and therefore certified for floor heating systems; several projects have already been carried out with this system.

Please feel free to contact us for any details, technical features or customized solutions researches.